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For those who have little or no experience kiteboarding and wish to come accompanied. Our beginner’s group private lesson packages offer all the equipment needed for two people and training with a personal instructor that will teach two students everything they need to get up and running as soon as possible. Then, they will have two hours to test their skills free of supervision.

Includes 1 kite and board for 2 persons, and a private instructor for the number of hours wished plus 2 FREE supervised hours to test your skills once you finish your class.

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This is our main offer, a 3 days starter pack that will suit all of the ones who decided to join the fun of Kiteboarding with us.
Our 3-day course is based on the IKO Teaching standard and aims to complete the IKO level 2 Certification.

Day 1
3 Hours Kite Control. Lessons begin with a trainer kite for about 20-30 minutes in order for you to understand the kite movements simplicity plus the theory and safety without the power of big inflatable kites. Once these 30minutes are done we quickly switch to a small 4 short lines inflatable kite. You’ll learn kite set up and the safety systems then how to fly the kite with control. You’ll complete this step when you can pump your kite, set up your lines, show full control of the kite, the depower system, 1 handed flying, launching and landing your kite on your own, and safety systems.

Day 2
3 Hours Body Drag. Now it’s time to take the kite into the water (finally). You’ll be flying a bigger kite, maybe short or probable now with longer lines (instructor decides) but no board yet. You’ll first learn to enter and exit the water while flying the kite, what we call Body Dragging through the water. Your Instructor will be right with you, even in the water if needed, to help you and keep you safe. You’ll learn how to harness the power of the kite and how to re-launch the kite in case it crashes into the water. The final step is 1 handed upwind body drags and being able to navigate independently in the water.

Day 3
3 Hours of Water Start. Board shows up in the lesson. Now that you can control the kite, create power with, are confident to enter the water and handle the kite with 1 hand, now you can put the board on and take your first rides on the board. Even if you fall off you’ll know how to body drag back to your board and restart. Your Instructor will be with you for the first attempts, our goal is to get you riding safely and independently. Once completed you’ll be certified IKO Level 2 and you’ll be ready for an Upwind Lesson or Supervised Rental.
(This itinerary is based on the average progress person; some people might need more or less hours to success in riding on the board)

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